Femme De Musique #4

Femme de Musique #4 websiteMarch’s Femme de Musique bill brings an exciting mix of individual sets and collaboration from folk/pop/experimental musicians Rachael Dadd and Emma Gatrill, hosted by Bristol’s own Julia Turner.

RACHAEL DADD rachaeldadd.com
It’s hard to pin Rachael Dadd down due to her semi-nomadic lifestyle, her two young children and the fact that she tours with so many different musicians all over the world. This then is a rare treat. Her solo set will include music from her most recent release ‘We Resonate’ carves out a niche of its own, crossing genres from folk, through pop and experimental.

brilliantly unusual…you never know what she`s going to do next”
– Lauren Laverne

“Bold art folk…accomplished fusion of words, acoustic strumming and wild percussive textures” – UNCUT

EMMA GATRILL emmagatrill.com
We’re thrilled to be able to host this unstoppable, multi-instrumentalist and collaborator at Femme De Musique tonight. She has found time to lend her voice, clarinet and accordion skills to everyone from Laura Marling to Broken Social Scene.

Tonight Emma’s set will include songs from her debut album Chapter I featuring poignant songs based around her latest acquisition – the harp. Her intricate harp playing and powerful vocals soar above her classic songwriting, which owes a debt to Bjork and Joni Mitchell as well as her friends and co-conspirators Alessi’s Ark and Rachael Dadd – expect a shared song or two tonight!

Hosted by:
JULIA TURNER juliaturner.co.uk
One third of the The Eko Trio you may have seen her harmonising at the first FDM in November. A jazz loving singer/songwriter Julia Turner draws from a large repertoire of original songs and old but thrillingly fresh standards. Julia studied jazz at Leeds College of Music and then flew halfway around the world to explore her paternal homeland of Australia. After romantic notions of being a waitress in Melbourne fell flat she busked her way out of a dead end job and wrote an album all about it. City Synchronicity was released in 2012. Back home in Bristol Julia continues to spin her stories through intricate vocal melodies and deft finger picking guitar. She is currently recording her second album.


Femme De Musique #3

Femme de Musique #3 websiteWEDS 24th March:
Femme de Musique #3 is all about voices that soothe the soul and excite the mind. Experience sonic serenity through imagery-rich folk tales, smoky blues attitudes, thought-provoking lyrics and enveloping melodies. Let’s face it, February is cold and dreary so by the end of the month, we’ll all be ready for a night of warmth to mark the end of winter and bring on the spring!

‘For those of you that haven’t heard the utter beauty of Lady Nade’s completely unique voice – you’re in for a veritable treat. You’d find it hard to find another performer today with such a hauntingly effortless whisper. She will hold you in rapture from beginning to end – stunning.’ – Cleverhead Promotions

‘Youthful singer Lady Nade is known for possessing one of the most distinctive and soulful voices on the Bristol Scene’ – Computer Music Magazine

‘Emblematic of the Bristol music scene at its best. A distinctively individual performer’ – Julian Owen – Venue Magazine

‘I was immediately hooked by her deeply soulful, bluesy voice and the quality of her self-penned songs. She is able to bring to life the spirit of Nina Simone, Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday without trying to copy any of them.’ – Grumpy Man Promotions

‘”One of the best blues-soul voices to come out of Bristol in a long time, and maturing into a strong songwriter too..Nadine deserves to have her career watched closely. I certainly look forward to working with her again” – Eddie Martin


Rachel Bedford is a Bristol-based songwriter constantly searching for new and innovative ways of expressing music. With compositions that echo the quirky, elfin nature of Bjork into the theatrical soundscapes of Kate Bush, Rachel is a unique act not to be missed.



Lauren Bradford is a folk singer/songwriter from the San Francisco Bay area, based in Bristol. Lauren grew up on a healthy diet of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Etta James, and the Temptations, which explains the brazen soulfulness that seeps through into her delicately picked folk songs. The otherworldly sound she creates is comparable to a female Nick Drake, with more vocal runs. Lauren explores life the way her melodies explore notes, she is a lover of travel and movement and has lived in Liverpool, Leeds and Bristol since arriving in the UK in 2010, soaking up their music along the way.


Femme De Musique #2

Femme de Musique Jan'16 poster

Femme de Music is back to lift those January blues with an evening celebrating ladies of LOOP. If you’ve never seen or heard of a loop pedal before, its a bit like parrot, or a child, that records and repeats what you’ve just done, over and over, but with multiple layers and dimension. Throw in homemade beats, field recordings, lush harmonies, multiple instruments and foundsounds and you’re in for a musically calorific sensual experience. It’s been a month since Xmas, you’ve probably been dieting all January, so we feel like you deserve it.


Yes thats right. This lady has been seriously representing ladies of loop, and breaking the myths surrounding #WomenInTech, since she won the UK BOSS Loop Station Championships in 2011, going on to represent UK in the World Championships. We are very excited to have her tonight, as not only are her loop-pop chops exquisitely tight, she uses them to create some beautifully rich, quirky music, using anything and everything you can imagine. Expect the unexpected.

You may have seen Ava playing alongside Suzy and Wenonoah last November at the Gallimaufry, and although she is so fresh that we don’t even have links to share with you yet, this looping starlet is on the rise. Take our word for it though, using vocal loops & percussion, improvised rhythms & harmonies, Ava creates a bed from which her poetically self reflective lyrics rise.


Makes one third of the The Eko Trio who you may have seen harmonising at the first FDM in November. In her other musical life, Isolde produces collaged works of foundsounds, field recordings and the musical voices in her head. Live, she translates these with whisks, coathangers, recordings of seagulls, a small orchestra of twinkling trinkets, and a wash of vocal harmonies. Bring your wetsuit and goggles, you’ll need them.

£5 on the door. Arrive early to baggsy your seat, although we will have more cushions for your bums this time in case you’re unable to.

Love from Eko Collective x


Eko Collective Presents: Femme De Musique

12031378_1628421694085566_2465925278297596436_o‘Femme de Musique’ is a new, female-led music night taking place on the last Weds of every month @ The Greenbank, Easton. The night is hosted by The Eko Songwriter’s Collective, founded by Lauren Bradford, Julia Turner & Isolde Freeth-Hale, who collaborate as the Eko Trio, and also share a stage with their solo projects. ‘Femme de Musique’ was born out of a desire to share the positive experience they’ve had of supporting one another as women in the music industry, instead of adhering to the stereotype of competing ‘divas’. Eko Collective wish to feed this into an extended community of gender-equal musicians and industry-specialists, by bringing more opportunities for women to the table, & responding to the alarming statistics of female presence in the industry today. Check outwww.theworldislistening.co.uk, an excellent women-in-industry discussion forum, to see quite how striking they can be.

Our first night will be kicking off with non-other than queen-of-the-bristol-music-scene, and co-founder of ‘The World is Listening’, Nuala Honan. If you are not already completely in-love with the fire-side honesty, and arresting soulfulness she breathes into Country Folk song, check her out below. We are very excited.


Supporting Nuala tonight, we have a very special guest all the way from South Africa, known as Sisanda Myataza. You may have had the pleasure of hearing Sisanda sing with the Bristol-based band Mankala at the Harboured Sounds Take Over in August. Tonight she shall being performing a special set of Jazz and traditional African infused songs. Listen to her fabulous new EP here:


Hosting the evening, The Eko Trio will be interspersing the night with their self-penned quirky numbers and rearranged classics, influenced by traditional and vintage acapella singing. You may have seen them at the Greenbank on their first UK tour last month, but once is never enough, these girls are full of surprises. Check out their latest single here:


Eko Collective are interested in hearing from anyone who would love to be a part of this night, and the extended female-friendly community it hopes to create and support. Whether you are a musician, music-lover, producer, writer, reviewer, promoter, visual artist, film-maker, man or woman, who supports gender-equality in Music, we’d love to hear from you.


The Eko Trio Tour 2015

October ‘15 sees the Eko Trio launching their debut single ‘Cutlery Shed’, in cutting-edge wooden-spoon format, with a five date UK tour including Oxford, Bath, Bristol, London, Leeds. Eko will also be hosting a series of introductory singing workshops alongside selected concert dates, exploring a cappella singing, improvisation, and creative sound making.

October 2015 tour dates…

Warm-up gigs at Bristol Festival of Song
Fri 16th 1:20-2pm at The New Room
5:20-5:45pm at Colston Hall Foyer

Fri 23rd OXFORD 7.30pm, The Yurt, Haddon Acre, £10 Buy tickets

Sat 24th BATH 7.30pm,The Love Lounge, The Bell Inn, £6/5 Buy tickets

Wed 28th BRISTOL 7.30pm, The Greenbank Pub, Easton, £6/5 * Buy tickets

Fri 30th LONDON 7.30pm, The Gallery Cafe, Bethnal Green, £5 Buy tickets

Sat 31st LEEDS 7.30pm, The Heart Centre, Headingley, £6/5 * Buy tickets

Saturday 17th October, 12-1:30pm, Hamilton House, Bristol. Buy tickets
Saturday 31st October, 3-4:30pm, The Heart Centre, Leeds. Buy tickets

In these workshops, the Eko Trio will lead you through a selection of vocal games, exercises and short a cappella pieces from jazz, pop, folk and world origins, where you will have the opportunity to explore improvisation, sound play and creative vocal experimentation. You will also have the opportunity to learn parts to one of the songs we will be singing in our concert, and to join us as we sing it that night. Expect to have fun, feel inspired and create some beautiful music. Open to all ages and abilities, all music taught by ear.

Julia Turner and Isolde Freeth-Hale run regular, established choirs in Bristol including The Gasworks Choir, and The Morning Chorus. Both have background training in jazz, Indian classical, and are registered Natural Voice Practitioners.

Limited spaces, please arrive early/book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Workshop cost: £8
Concert ticket cost: £6/5 conc.
Workshop plus evening concert ticket: £12/10 conc.